How to Be a Winner: Wines to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner.

So you've been invited to Friendsgiving, or your girlfriend has finally invited you over to join the family for the holiday and you've been placed on wine duty.  But where to start? Do you bring a wine for each course, will there be turkey or ham, red or white, sweet or dry, ...should you just bring vodka?  It doesn't have to be that hard.  Check out my two suggests below...


Beaujolais is a classic Thanksgiving dinner pairing.  Often confused as being apart of Burgundy, Beaujolais is small country located right outside Burgundy where the dominant grape grown there is Gamay.  The granite soil, and warm, dry climate lend to fruit forward wines that give raspberry, cherry, and cinnamon notes to the wine.  (Does't that sound as if its just meant to go with cranberry sauce?!).  Beaujolais wines are also soft in tannins, and make for a good introductory red for those who are weary of "dry reds".  Cranberry sauce, turkey, dressing (or stuffing) all make for great pairings with this wine.

Brownie Points: Beaujolais has ten Cru villages that produce wine with distinctly different characteristics than your typical Beaujolais (Nouveau).  Spend a little extra $$$ and grab you a bottle of Moulin a Vent or Brouilly to be really impressive.

Champagne or Sparkling Brut

Rule of thumb: All Champagne is sparkling, but not all sparkling is Champagne.  Legally, Champagne can only be labeled as such if it is produced in the region of Champagne, France.  There are also only three grapes allowed in the Champagne wine making process: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meaner.  Crisp apple, pear, melon, bright citrus, strawberry brioche are all the various characteristics that you find in quality champagne.  Also, no need to reserve your bubbles as the intro wine only.  A glass with a nice leg from a fried Turkey would be a delicious pairing! 

If you don't like your projected dinner guest that much, opt for some nice sparkling wine instead.  Typically half the price of Champagne, you can find quality bubbles over various categories. 

  • Cava- Spain

  • Prosecco- Italy

  • Brut- California, Loire Valley, South Africa (but not limited to).

Kriis Tip:  Bring a Rose.  Rose has had a huge resurgence over that past couple of years. Acidity, red fruit, and tropical notes make Rose very versatile.....Don't let the White Zinfandel you had that ONE time continue to hold you down.  Be great!...#drinkpink

  • FYI: Rose does not mean "sweet".

  • FYI: Rose is real wine (I hear the opposite of this statement quite often).

  • FYI: Rose is a year-round wine!

Other notable wine options: Riesling, Gewurtraminer, Chenin Blanc

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